Yes, say NO to Coronavirus !

With the pandemic Coronavirus spreading all over the world, human lives are Psychologically, Physically, Biologically and economically attacked and badly down yet there is a solution ! In every war, every fight and any struggle the major and best way to defeat the adversary is to create panic, stigma and fear in his/her camp .

Prof. Pacifique Malonga[photo archieves ]

Fighting Coronavirus first of all means overcoming the general feeling of death before facing the attack.

With people psychologically giving up ideologically and thinking of Coronavirus as a blame and curse from God becoming nervously unhappy against mankind is the first defeat . Please say NO to this hopeless belief because if this was the case there will be no fight.

Physically, this virus is not visibly seen by natural eye but biologically attacks through unprotected nose, mouth and eyes and damage the unprepared body especially the weak and least resistant and more particularly old people above 60 years.

In this situation, the young body through medical care though no particular cure is yet to be found easily survives at a rate of about 5% of the attacked population. Hence, no need for bush fire out cry. Historically, this is not new as many centuries ago , the world recalls the plague of Athene's that created havoc and despair among Athenians .

This brings about hope in human body immunity and survival. Economically, the whole world is heavily affected by the pandemic and characterised by no movements , huge crisis and no income generating activities and bankruptcy of financial institutions .

With such weak purchasing power of the world communities, the answer is not dying like hogs hiding their heads in the soil but courageously , together as one nobly join hands in solidarity fighting the same and global pandemic.

In this perspective, educating and sensitising people to washing hands , avoiding crowds and groups, gatherings but rather working in homes , following and adhering to hygiene and medical rules as much as possible, is presently the best way out to avoid contamination.

Finally as one Writer said " if we must die let us nobly die" , not shaking hands but joining them in prayer and humanity helping one another individually and collectively hoping to overcoming the Coronavirus with God's grace, remembering as Charlie Chaplin " nothing is permanent in this wicked world not even our troubles" .

Prof Pacifique Malonga, Rwandan Veteran journalist and Writer.

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