Nyamwanga kumva ntiyanze no kubona !

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If Coronavirus can move a giant like Manu Dibango, give interviews to wives of Canadian, Spain PMs , Ministers, take the Deputy President of the land of Sankara ,  among many others , shake Trump ,Mikel and the Queen of England thank God he saved her!  , Duties,  obligations and patriotism should teach Rwandans to set up punishments for anyone undermining or facilitating the propagation of Coronavirus and look for means and ways to help and assist the least privileged and elders who are most vulnerable . This can be done through our usual self help methods .          

Again , Rwanda Government imposing the confinement to  this nation to face the Covid 19 pandemic , is to my humble view the best measure to be taken by a responsible authority of this great people of Rwanda still nursing her recent history , ordeal and absurd genocide against " Abatutsi " which took over one million lives in only one hundred days , left many others sequestered and traumatized.    

My applause to President Paul Kagame and his Government for the wise decision ! Ruined by the 1994 horrendous events , with no support nor tangible intervention from anywhere, Rwanda through RPF / RPA fighters brought a new sense of life in this country .

Rwanda's newly hard achieved economy, security and moral developmental determination can't afford to be deterred and discouraged by this pandemic that is shaking and making the whole world tremble .

Kneeling before Coronavirus and giving up to its threats would amount to betrayal of our pride and philosophy of living and dying nobly as Rwandans .      

Imana y' i Rwanda itari nyabingi ntibe na ryangombe ahubwo Ishobora byose is unquestionably on the side of ours. While the pandemic Covid19 that I deliberately call mwene Coronavirus , though attacking the whole world , reminds us that the solution must come from everyone first and then collectively as one but always remembering our national belief " Akimuhana kaza imvura ihise " .

 As Jones says " If we must die , let us nobly die , not like hogs but like abagabo . In this unprecedented attack , I can only recall from my 60 years of life though today threatened and confined in my little room as most vulnerable among others , the famous story tale " Umwidishyi " ! I by this , think of taking care and looking after babies and the youth while hiding the elders in their private confinements not far from the shinning seating rooms .                  

As we talk of observing hygiene rules and precautions of well  washing hands with soap or alcohol, using masks where necessary and social  distancing , don't forget " mwidishyi " so that soon when people joined together again, grieving those gone with Covid 19, people healed in Rwanda, Africa and the World over , say like the biblical Numbers 31: 49 Twabaze dusanga umubare w' abarasanyi nta numwe ubuzemo ! Uwiteka abamwenyurire .


Profesa Pacifique Malonga,

Umwanditsi n ' Umunyamakuru, becos1@yahoo.

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